What types of files does Digioh Support?

by Rishi Shah

Digioh Supports All File Types

Digioh Supports ALL files types!

You name it we can handle it. Movies, Images, Documents, Spreadsheets, Zipped Folders, Computer Programs, Videos, and more!

2GB Files

We have large publishers that need to send digital magazines. Lucky for them we can help them send their beautiful, but VERY LARGE PDF magazines. We also get a lot of film makers that want to send videos… we can handle it! We enjoy sending big files. Digioh downloads are hosted on an elastic cloud system, so that means we can help you distribute large files simultaneously to all your subscribers. All your customers will enjoy fast download speeds.

Special “View Online” Mode for PDFs

The most common file customers upload is PDFs. So we created a special “View Online” mode. This means the customer can download the file or simply view it online. You will be notified when a customer downloads your file or decides to view it online.

All Files Scanned

We want to protect all our users. This means that every time you upload a file we scan it to make sure it doesn’t contain any viruses that can harm someones computer. Long live the internet!



Kevin May 30, 2015 at 1:33 am

I have an audiobook (with 16 different files) that I want to make available to my subscribers. Can I upload a folder (instead of a single file)?

Rishi Shah October 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Hi Kevin – Good question. You will need to upload each file one by one. It is currently not possible to upload a folder.

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