Limit the Number of Downloads per Customer

by Rishi Shah

Sometimes you are sending a file that only needs to be download a few times. If you see a customer downloading your file hundreds of times that might not be a good sign if it is a confidential or paid file. By default the number of downloads allowed by a customer is unlimited.

You can easily limit the number of downloads on a file in your Download Expiration options. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Click on the “Security” button under the file name

step 1 click on security

Step 2: Under the “Expiration Options” section enter in the number of downloads allowed per customer

step 2 - exp options

Now, here is where it gets really cool. Let’s say one of your clients uses up their downloads and they need a few more. You can easily grant them access again by clicking on “Customers” and clicking on the green “Resend Download”. Digioh will automatically reset their download limit.

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