How to Send Secure Trackable Files to Emma Newsletters

by Rishi Shah

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Dear Amazing Emma Customers,

We (Digioh) are excited and honored to be an integration partner of Emma’s fantastic email newsletter builder!

Powerful Sending File Solution

We know Emma offers an easy way for you to upload documents and send them in your newsletter as a link. But, if your are looking for more powerful tools for sending files look no further than the fun and easy to use Digioh + Emma integration.

Our Forces Combined

Digioh and Emma have combined forces to give you the power to know exactly which subscriber download your file, send files up to 2GB, and detect when your file gets posted publicly. Our customers include BIG Enterprises, small businesses, and non-profits so we can suit all your download needs. In summary here is what Digioh can do for you

  1. Send Large Files (up to 2GB!)
  2. Send Secure Files (block Non-Subscribers from accessing your file)
  3. Track File downloads (know exactly who downloaded your files)

Follow along this How-To article to start sending files easily in your next Emma newsletter.

1. Create Your Digioh + Emma account

Send Files in Emma Newsletters

If you don’t already have a Digioh account, you can create one for free here:

2. Enter in your Emma API credentials

Emma API Credentials

Enter your Emma Public API Key, Private API Key, and Account ID. All of this information can be easily found in your Emma account. Follow these steps if you need help finding this information:

  1. Login to your Emma account
  2. Click on “Account & Billing”
  3. Click on the “API Key” tab
  4. Your Public API key, Private API key, and Account ID should be displayed

Next, enter in your Business or Company Name or what your customers know you as.

We take security extremely seriously. Your credentials will only be used to track downloads and add new email addresses.You can also skip this step and do it later.

3. Click the Big Blue “Add New File” Button

4. Upload Your File

Upload Your File

Click the big “Select a file from your computer” button and start uploading your file. Digioh accepts all file types up to 2GB!

Next, pick a security option. By default “No Security” is checked. Here is a quick explanation of our security options:

  • List Grower Security: Subscribers can download your file, Non-Subscribers must opt-in to download your file. Read more about List Grower Security here.
  • Membership Security: Subscribers can download your file, Non-Subscribers see a “No Access” page and will not be allowed to download your file. Read more about Membership Security here.
  • No Security: Anyone can download your file anytime
  • Expiration Options: Self destruct files on a specified day or based on a number of downloads. Read more about our expiration options here.

Click on the big red “Upload and Continue ->” button to start uploading your file.

5. Customize your Download Page (Optional)

Every time a customer clicks on your download links they are taken to your download page. You can completely customize your download pages with your own logo, button-text, graphics, and more!

6. Copy your Download Link

File Attached to Digioh + Emma, ready to be copied!

Click on the “Copy” button to copy your download link.

Enjoy High Deliverability

All file attachments work like just a hyperlink, this way all your emails will have high deliverability and won’t get caught in SPAM.

Always-On Tracking

You will also notice that the download link contains the Emma email merge tag. This allows us to track exactly which one of your subscribers download your files giving you an extremely detailed view of your most active subscribers on your list.

[email protected] just downloaded “Product Pricing List.PDF” 

You can learn more about how Digioh Download Tracking works here.

7. Login to your Emma account and open a new or drafted email

You can login to your Emma account here.

8. Enter in your Link text

Link Icon in Emma

Enter in some text guiding your customer to download your file like “Download my  Free Whitepaper here”. Select that text and click on the Link icon.

Tip: You can also use an image too (it doesn’t just have to be text)

9. Paste your Download Link as a “Website” URL

Add Link to Emma

10. Your Trackable File in Emma

Trackable File in Emma attached

Your file is now ready to be sent in Emma! Since all your Digioh download links work like just a hyperlink you can add it to an image as well, so feel free to be creative.

11. Track Who Downloads Your File in Real Time!

Sit back and watch in real time which one of your subscribers downloaded your file. This email notifications can be turned-off and all activity can be viewed in your Digioh Dashboard.

Send Files in Emma Newsletters!

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