How to Send Files in AWeber Messages

by Rishi Shah

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Here is a step by step approach to sending files in AWeber Follow Up Messages or Broadcast Newsletters.

Step 1: Create a Digioh + AWeber Account

If you don’t already have a Digioh account you can sign up for free here.

Step 2: Connect your Digioh Account to AWeber

You will be redirected to AWeber to allow Digioh to access your email lists. This allows Digioh to keep your downloads secure and trackable.

Step 3: Click on the “Add New File” Button

Digioh - Send Files - Add New File Button

You can upload any type of file up to 2GB! So, go nuts 🙂

Step 4: Click on “Choose File” button and select your file

Upload Your File-1

Step 5: Select a Security Option

By default the security option is set to “No Security”, but if you want to protect your downloads select Membership Security and if you want to grow your list select List Grower Security. Here is more about our security options:

Step 6: Click on the red “Upload and Continue” button

Your file will start uploading and apply your security settings as soon as you click on the red upload button

Step 7: Customize Your download Pages

Customize Your Download Pages

You can take full control of your brand by adding your own logo and any other marketing text to your secure download page. For this tutorial we will just keep the default. Just wanted to mentioned it here so you know you can create a more branded and professional experience!

Our customized download pages will make your company look more professional than a random link to a server or Dropbox.

Step 8: Copy and Paste Your Digioh Download Link

Copy and Paste Digioh Download Link

Your secure Digioh download link is ready! Simply copy the link.

Remember every Digioh download link uses your AWeber merge tags automatically, this means Digioh will tell you the exact subscriber that actually download your file. For example you will get an email with this:

[email protected] just downloaded “Your eBook Series.PDF”

Step 9: Paste your Digioh download link in your AWeber email

Paste Digioh Link into AWeber

Paste in your Digioh download link to your AWeber message. Just click on the link icon and paste in your Digioh download link (just like you would if it was a website link)

If you are sending a series of files over a few days use AWeber’s follow-up email feature. You can also add your Digioh download link to your “Welcome Email”, this is the email AWeber sends right after your new subscriber confirms their subscription. You can also use AWeber’s Broadcast email if you are doing a blast to all your existing paying customers – this is great for updates!

PS If you don’t have  a Digioh account, you can get one here!

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