How to Attach Files to Mad Mimi Promotions

by Rishi Shah

How to Attach Files in MadMimi Graphic

If you’re looking to attach files to your MadMimi promotion email newsletters, you’ve come to the right place.  Look no further friend, as this short tutorial will explain exactly how this can be done.  Digioh was designed specifically to help send any type of file, up to 2GB, in Madmimi promotions.

Step 1: Upload your file to Digioh

mad mimi tutorial 1

Step 2: Select a file from your computer

mad mimi tutorial 2

You can upload any type of file (.Zip, videos, mp3’s, Excel Spreadsheets, Powerpoint, and PDFs) up to 2 GB (so we can handle your largest documents or video files).

If you want to know about our other security options you can learn more about them here:

For this tutorial we will select the default “No Security” option.

Step 3: Click the send file button

mad mimi tutorial 3

Step 4: Copy your download link

mad mimi tutorial 4

Step 5: Log into Madmimi and click the Edit button

mad mimi tutorial 5

Step 6: Paste your Digioh code in and save your changes.

mad mimi tutorial 6


mad mimi tutorial 7


mad mimi tutorial 8

That’s it, you’re done!

We also added in a few extra luxury features including, file tracking, security, and custom branding.  Digioh is constantly growing and improving, so we’re always flattered to hear any suggestions or improvements you may have.

Digioh + Madmimi

If you don’t already have a Digioh account, click above to create one.

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