How to Add Digioh Lightbox to WordPress

by Rishi Shah


The Digioh Lightbox is becoming one of our top customer favorite features! It is pretty cool to see that most Lightbox users are on WordPress. Below is a fun step by step to get Lightbox working on your self hosted WordPress account.

Special Note: Digioh Lightbox only works on self-hosted accounts. If you are using, the Digioh lightbox will not work because they don’t allow you to embed any javascript.

 Step 1: Sign in to you WordPress admin panel

Wordpress Login Screen


 Step 2: Go to the Widgets section, under the “Appearance” sub-menu.

Wordpress WidgetsStep 3: Add Text Widget

Add a text widget to one of the Footer or Sidebar areas, for example Footer Area One. You may need to drag the Text Widget out of the “Primary Widgets” area into “Available Widgets” for the widget to be active.

Add Text Widget to Footer

Step 4: Copy Your Digioh Javascript Code

You will need to be logged into your Digioh account to find this Javascript code.

Copy Digioh Lightbox Javascript code


Step 5: Paste your code into the Text widget, leaving the title blank

Paste Digioh Lightbox code into Text WordPress Widget

Side Tip: The Digioh Lightbox javascript is built for speed. Our snippet of code won’t slow down your website. We take great pride in how fast our javascript runs!

Step 6: Hit “Save”

Step 7: Copy your Digioh button code and place it anywhere on your WordPress blog!

Add Copy Button

Paste your button code anywhere on your WordPress website and it will turn into a lightbox! You can also use your simple Digioh download link.

Step 8: Enjoy your Lightbox on your website!


Digioh works on almost all website builders and blog frameworks. If you need help installing the lightbox on your website, please contact us at anytime.

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Kelly October 14, 2013 at 9:40 am

Hello Rishi,
I would like to have same feature in my Joomla site but can not do it. Can you please guide me for how I can use lightbox as a module or plugin for Joomla.

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