How to Add a Digioh download link inside a MailChimp Welcome Email

by Rishi Shah

We have a ton of customers that want to send their new MailChimp subscribers a download. Usually this is through a MailChimp where customers say “Hey Join my Newsletter and get my eBook!” This method is extremely effective.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Upload your eBook (or whatever file you are giving out) to your Digioh + MailChimp account

2. Set your security level to “List Grower Security”

3. Copy your Download link

4. Paste your Digioh download link your Final “Welcome” Email in your MailChimp account

To get to this section go to “Lists” -> “Create Forms” -> Select “Final Welcome Email” in the drop down

how to modify the "Final Welcome Email" in MailChimp

The next step is simply pasting your Digioh download link in the top part of the message.

paste your Digioh download link in MailChimp Welcome Message

Now, when someone joins your list (either through a form, manual import, or something else) they will automatically get your email with your Digioh download link. Yay!

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