How Membership Security Works

by Rishi Shah

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Membership security is great for all companies that have paid, confidential, or exclusive files.

Quick Explanation

Existing subscribers get to download your file in one click. Non-subscribers see a “No Access” page.

Here is a fun graphic showing you exactly how it works:

Digioh How it Works Membership Security Graphic

 1-click Downloads for Existing Subscribers

If you send a file with “Membership Security” in a newsletter and the customer is on your list they will be taken to the download page where they can download your file in 1-click. There is no need for them to login or enter in their email address. Your existing subscribers will like the fact that you don’t make them go through a tedious process to get their download.

Works for Specific Lists

After you upload your file you have to select which list you want to give access to. Only members on the list you select will be able to download your file.

For example Lets say you have 2 lists: List PAID MEMBERS and List FREE USERS. Only members from List PAID MEMBERS will have access and can download your file. If a member from List PAID MEMBERS forwards on your file to a member on List FREE USERS, that member will see a NO ACCESS page.

Membership Email Wall

Membership Security Wall

You can also use your Digioh Membership links on your website. It works like a light weight membership solution. A customer can enter in their email address and get access to your download if they belong to the list you specified. As soon as your customer enters in their email address, Digioh checks to see if that email address is on your list, if it is we grant access, if it isn’t we show them a “No Access” page.

The membership email wall can be customized. For example you can add your company logo and modify the button text.

This is great if you have multiple products or give access to members on a rolling basis.

If you want your customers to be able to opt-in to your list instead of seeing a “No Access” page check out List Grower Security.

Email Tracking

Every download is tracked based on their email address. So, when an existing member downloads your file you will be notified.

[email protected] just downloaded “Your eBook.PDF”

These email alerts can be easily turned off and you can view them in your Digioh dashboard at anytime. You will finally be able to tell which one of your customers actually goes on to download your product. You can sell more products to the ones that do and follow-up with the ones that don’t.

IP Address Limits

In order to secure your downloads a step further we also record the IP Address for each download. Every device has its own IP address allowing Digioh to make sure no one is downloading your files repeatedly.

If you are testing Membership Security on your own files you might see a “No Access” page, this is because Digioh is already at work and blocking your IP address from being able to download your own file repeatedly. A work around this testing limitation is to clearing your internet browser cookies.


Any List on Membership Security

If you want any subscriber across all your lists to be able to access all your downloads. Select “ANY LIST” to make that happen. This comes in handy if you have a lot of segmented lists.

Built for Security

Membership security was built to make sure your files can’t be downloaded by anyone. We track the number of downloads each subscriber makes and where they are downloading it from. You can place restrictions on the number of downloads that are allowed.

Membership security is great for any type of file (videos, mp3’s, PDFs, Zip’s, etc) that you only want a select group to access.

Works on Websites

You can also use Digioh’s Membership Security as a light weight Membership Site. Just paste your Digioh download link on Membership security on your website, when a customer clicks on your Digioh link they will be asked to provide their email address, if they are a subscriber on your list they will be able to access your download.

Testing Membership Security

If you are testing the download link on your own computer, it will work every-time. We cookie your browser and know it is you so we want to make sure you can access your download at anytime. This means any download link on your computer will go right to the download page everytime. If you are looking to test the Membership security we suggest trying out on a separate computer or in an incognito browser window. (or you can just trust us, we help send thousands of secure documents daily)


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