How Expiration Options Work

by Rishi Shah

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If you are sending a time sensitive file like a price list that changes every month or a time sensitive press release then you are going to love our expiration options.

Digioh Expiration Options Screen Shot

Date Based Expiration Options

If you want to make sure your file can’t be accessed tomorrow, next week, or even next decade you can set a date where your files can’t be downloaded anymore. This feature is really great for contracts that expire after a week. You can also set the file so it never expires.

Download Based Expiration Options

If you want to only allow each one of your subscribers a certain amount of downloads you can set it here.

By default we give 3 downloads because sometimes the subscriber forgets they downloaded the file and wants to download it again. You can increase this limit if you know your customers need to download the file multiple times (great for students). You can also be strict (great for paid eBooks) and restrict the subscriber to only 1 download.

Alternatively, you can also offer an unlimited amount of downloads.

Be Strict or Be Flexible

Expiration Options give you the ability to have full control of your downloads.

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