Announcing Lightbox for Wix

by Rishi Shah

Wix + Digioh Super Wix & Lightbox SidekickEvery superhero needs a sidekick.  We know that Wix is a super website builder, helping over 43 million users build sites that really kick tush, but where is the helpful sidekick? Citizens, look no further! We’re here to reveal our new Lightbox app for Wix- a perfect sidekick that will help your website capture up to 500% more email subscribers and it’s free to use- and yes, we did just say 500% and free!

Lightbox is a simple, but elegant “soft” pop-up that gently asks your Wix website visitors to sign up to your mailing list.  It appears on the screen after a few seconds (the timing is determined by you) and the rest of the website gets “turned down” so the focus is directly on the Lightbox.  Designed to be short and direct, it takes your visitors only a second to either sign up or click out, so their browsing is not interrupted.  And, when someone signs up, Lightbox uses its super strength to add them into your Wix Contacts list. Digioh Lightbox on Wix

Lightbox, great sidekick that it is, supports your design needs.  It automatically adapts to your website’s theme and you can customize all of the text to bring your best call-to-action forward.  You can also adjust when and where it appears. Lightbox Customizable Settings

Lightbox isn’t the “work-alone” type either.  Sometimes you need some super friends to help you get things done.  Lightbox for Wix currently integrates with Constant Contact, with many more email marketing platforms coming soon.  So in addition to your new subscribers being added to your Wix Contacts list, they’ll also be added to your lists in your preferred email marketing platform as well.

Adding Lightbox to your site is easy- just navigate to the App Market and search for Lightbox.  Then add it to your site.Search for Lightbox

So, if you still aren’t convinced that Lightbox will make a great addition to your Wix team, try seeing it in action or, since it’s free to use, give it a go yourself!

Do you use Constant Contact?  Check out our step-by-step guide on setting up an integrated Lightbox for your Wix site.

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