Digioh and ActiveCampaign – Get Super Personalized

by Rishi Shah

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We are excited to announce Digioh’s partnership with ActiveCampaign!

Extreme Personalization with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is all about personalizing your emails. You can see on a deep personal level who your email subscribers are for example their social networking profile picture, gender, age, and much much more. Just imagine the power you can have by simply knowing if your end reader was a male or female or was a teenager or grandparent.

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Learn WHO is downloading your files

Digioh is a perfect fit for ActiveCampaign’s sleek easy to use email newsletter builder. For example with the Digioh + ActiveCampaign integration you can know exactly which subscriber downloaded your file.

For example we can tell you that [email protected] downloaded your file and forward it on to 6 of his co-workers.

All File Types, Any Size

The most common type of file we see is a PDF order form or eBook but you can upload anything up to 2GB. Our customers love knowing which subscriber is engaging the most and who to follow up with to CLOSE THE DEAL!

What is really cool about this integration is with ActiveCampaign you can drill down further and learn even more about the subscriber – like if they are on Twitter and what they look like. Once you know who they are you hyper target even more people like them making your email campaigns even more powerful.

You read more about the integration on ActiveCampaign’s blog or you can sign up for the integration right here right now!

Special thanks to the ActiveCampaign API team and Matt Thommes for helping us launch such a smooth product!

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